The company presidents greeting

Keep challenging for the brilliant future

We have devoted ourselves craftsmanship consistently since the institution's formation In these latter days, it is sad that fake products are widespread in everywhere.
As one who is involved in the craftsmanship, we believe our mission is to manufacture a better product.
It is changing quickly year to year, we believe that the basic of craftsmanship is to learn basic skills and pile skills one by one. In other words, we believe that straightforward solution is the best. With keeping in mind the importance of basic craftsmanship, AB is the company to keep challenging a new technology.
We try to meet a wide variety of customers' demands with being sensitive to the needs in the age to come.

AB Co., Ltd
President Nakada, Nobuyuki

President Nakada, Nobuyuki


・Fundamental Principles 
「Straightforward Solution」

・Fundamental policy 

・AB's Three Principles to job