Company Outline

Description:Tooling Design, 3D Modeling, CNC program Product Design of Plastic Product Outsource arrangement of tooling, Technical assistance and training
Founded : April 4 2002
Capital  : US$ 5.5million
NO. of employee : 85(Including a Japanese staff )
            There is someone on a business trip of short term)


By hiring many young and good human resource, AB Zhuhai provides 3D design or data with high-quality, low cost, and short-time delivery of It is the institution with youthful energy, average age of 25 years old,
ABZH has a good reputation from our customers regarding ;
Complete tooling design service
Tooling part tracing service
3D part design service
Three-demensionalize Service form 2D drawing
Technical assistance of outsource tooling arrangement
In 3D part designing field, AB has gained trust of high quality of 3D data from toy makers and other industrial companies. By close cooperation with AB Japan and AB shanghai, ABZH is the digital engineering group that keep work positively to the all kinds of possibility